preparing for plumbing emergencies
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preparing for plumbing emergencies

Do you have a plumbing repair kit in your home to make emergency repairs quickly? Having everything you need in one bucket or box can help you eliminate some of the stress that comes with plumbing emergencies. On this blog, you will find out what you should have in your kit and some basic tips about making these repairs to avoid further damage to your home. It is my hope that you will find more than enough information to keep your home dry, your drains draining, and a peace of mind and lack of stress to tackle these dreaded household occurrences.

preparing for plumbing emergencies

  • How to Handle a Broken Water Shutoff Valve

    19 February 2021

    It can be your worst nightmare - you go to shut off the main water valve beneath a sink or behind the toilet, and the handle breaks off. Now you have water gushing and you aren't sure what to do. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed. Immediate Actions Your first action is to stop the flow of water. If you can't do so at the localized shutoff valve due to a broken handle, then you need to do so at the water main.

  • Five Reasons For A Failed Sink Sprayer

    19 January 2021

    A sink sprayer is a useful tool, particularly in the kitchen. Occasionally you may have issues with the sink sprayer, but most problems are repairable as the following illustrates. 1. Clogged Aerator Depending on the type of spray head, there will be an aerator inside the nozzle, the nozzle will be equipped with spray emitter pores, or both will be present. If scale builds up from hard minerals in the water, the nozzle may quit spraying or exhibit greatly reduced water pressure.