preparing for plumbing emergencies
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preparing for plumbing emergencies

Do you have a plumbing repair kit in your home to make emergency repairs quickly? Having everything you need in one bucket or box can help you eliminate some of the stress that comes with plumbing emergencies. On this blog, you will find out what you should have in your kit and some basic tips about making these repairs to avoid further damage to your home. It is my hope that you will find more than enough information to keep your home dry, your drains draining, and a peace of mind and lack of stress to tackle these dreaded household occurrences.

preparing for plumbing emergencies

New Technology In Home Plumbing: Changes To Consider Implementing

Veronica Torres

You may think of calling a plumbing service only when you have a problem with the plumbing in your home, but there are other things a plumber can help you with, such as implementing cool new plumbing technology in your home. Technology has affected all kinds of home processes and how people live, and new technology is used to evolve some of the most basic things. Check out some of the new advanced plumbing implements you may want to consider adding to your home. 

Self-Cleaning Toilet 

Cleaning the toilet is one of those jobs that most people dread. There's no other way to put it; cleaning a toilet is a dirty job. Technology has stepped in to help combat this problem, and you can now find toilets that are actually self-cleaning. These toilets have a small holding tank in the back that contains a cleaning fluid. Each time the toilet gets flushed, a small amount of cleaning fluid goes into the bowl to keep icky grime from accumulating inside. You can adjust how much cleaning solution is distributed with every flush. That isn't the only thing a new toilet can do, but it is definitely one of the coolest. 

Smart Water Pipes

With traditional water pipe systems, you have to monitor water usage and keep tabs on water spots to track down a leak. Sometimes, it could be months before you ever know that there is a problem that needs attention. However, smart technology is slipping into homes in all kinds of ways, and it is even showing up in water pipes. Smart pipes have monitors on them that detect when there is a problem. If there is a leaking line, your system will notify you that there's a problem and tell you exactly where the problem is at. 

Touchless Faucet Systems

You're chopping food in the kitchen, your hands are covered in chicken fat and veggie bits, and you need to wash your hands. With a touchless faucet, just stick your hands under the faucet and the water will automatically come on. For an added kick, you can have an automatic soap dispenser installed as well. You can adjust the water temperature to your preferences so it always comes on at just the right temperature. Some of these fancy gadgets even have a screen that tells you the exact water temperature, the gallons of water distributed by the faucet, and more.