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preparing for plumbing emergencies

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preparing for plumbing emergencies

The Four Components Of A Well Maintenance Check

Veronica Torres

If you are having a well installed on your property, you need to know how to take care of it. A large part of taking care of your well involves getting a yearly well maintenance check. A well maintenance check should be composed of four different components.

Flow Test

The first component that all well maintenance tests should include is a flow test. A flow test will determine how much water your well is able to output. It will also determine how much water was in your well before the test and how much water was in your well as the test was taking place. This will help determine how much water is naturally flowing into your well and at what rate.

A flow test takes into account more than the flow and pressure of your water. It also tests out the pump motor and includes a check to make sure that the line voltage, amp load, and grounding are all set up correctly.

Additionally, the condition of your water will be inspected during the flow test as well. The technician will make sure that your water is not cloudy, smelly or otherwise compromised.

Well Equipment

The second part of a well maintenance test will make sure that all the well equipment that you have is working properly. This inspection will ensure that all of the equipment is clean and meets current local code requirements. If any of the equipment needs cleaned or updated, it will be at this stage.

Water Testing

Third, a more formal test of your water will occur. Your water will be tested to see if it has coliform bacteria or nitrates in it, both things of which are a concern. The quality of your water will be tested to make sure that your water is not harming you or being contaminated from a nearby source.

Written Report

The final aspect of a well maintenance check is a written report. You should get a written report when the technician returns for a follow up visit after your water has been tested by a laboratory. The written report should include details about every test that was run on your well, the condition of all of your equipment, any maintenance actions taken, and details of the all formal tests that were run on your well and your water. This record will help you keep track of the state of your well over time and detect changes in your well. 

For more information about well maintenance, contact plumbing contractors near you.