preparing for plumbing emergencies
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preparing for plumbing emergencies

Do you have a plumbing repair kit in your home to make emergency repairs quickly? Having everything you need in one bucket or box can help you eliminate some of the stress that comes with plumbing emergencies. On this blog, you will find out what you should have in your kit and some basic tips about making these repairs to avoid further damage to your home. It is my hope that you will find more than enough information to keep your home dry, your drains draining, and a peace of mind and lack of stress to tackle these dreaded household occurrences.

preparing for plumbing emergencies

Home Have Water Damage? Why You Should Not Wait Around Too Long To Get It Fixed

Veronica Torres

If your home currently has water damage due to things like busted water pipes, floods, etc., you should not wait around to get it fixed. This is true even if the water damage is not very bad. Below are some reasons why this is the case so you can get your home back to normal again.


One of the main reasons to get the water damage fixed is mold can build up in your home. Not only does mold look bad, but it is dangerous for you and your family. There is also toxic mold that is even more dangerous and can lead to multiple health problems. Over the short term, mold can cause symptoms like coughing, fatigue, and rashes on the body. Certain types of mold can lead to cancer if the mold is not removed from your home.

If you have a lot of mold due to water damage, you should hire a mold remediation company to come to your home and clean it. If you do not have a large amount, you can remove the mold yourself.  To clean the mold, mix 50/50 bleach and water in a spray bottle and spray and wipe. Continue doing this until the mold is gone. The bleach will kill mold spores so they will not return. Wear gloves and a mask, and open windows in the room if there are any before you get started.


Water left unchecked can cause damage to your home. If so, you may notice many things, such as:

  • Doors and windows more difficult to open
  • Damaged plumbing pipes
  • Problems with electricity
  • Wet insulation, such as the insulation in the attic
  • Cracks in the foundation

How you repair the structural damage depends on what is damaged. If you had a flood due to damaged pipes, contact a plumber immediately to repair them for you. If your plumbing pipes are old, the plumber will likely suggest you replace all your pipes, as newer pipes have less of a chance of becoming damaged. The plumber can check over different areas that may be water damaged that you would not even know about.

A roofer can check for damage to your roof and attic, and a building contractor can check the walls, drywall, insulation, etc. Hire a foundation contractor if you see cracks in your foundation and an electrician if you see any wet electrical cords or are having any kind of problems with your electricity. It is important that you do not try to fix anything electrical on your own as it is very dangerous.

Another thing you should consider is your insurance company may not pay for damages if you wait too long to report the water damage to them. 

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