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preparing for plumbing emergencies

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preparing for plumbing emergencies

Learn How You Can Keep Your Kitchen Drains Fat-Free This Thanksgiving

Veronica Torres

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving can be a busy time for the average plumber. That's because countless people wind up battling drain clogs during and after Thanksgiving dinner, with fats and grease being the usual causes of a sudden clog. If you don't want to invite the local plumber to your next Thanksgiving dinner, you should follow these tips for keeping your kitchen sink drains clog-free.

Use Your Garbage Can, Not Your Garbage Disposal

Most people think they can get rid of just about any type of food garbage by running it through the garbage disposal. However, certain foods just aren't meant to be fed into the gaping maws of your disposal. For starters, turkey stuffing, rice and other starchy foods can gum up the insides of the garbage disposal, making it harder for the disposal to operate properly. Stringy vegetables can also be a bear to grind up, as they often get tangled in the blades of the disposal.

If you can make use of your garbage can while you're clearing off plates and pans, do so as much as you can. Keeping those turkey scraps and other foods out of the garbage disposal can help cut down on the amount of fats your garbage disposal sees. If you want to make certain that you won't accidentally toss a turkey skin or two into the disposal, you can place a metal strainer inside of the drain so you can fish out and dispose of stray food scraps.

Contain Those Fats

When confronted with a pot or pan full of grease, your first inclination might be to turn on the hot water tap, pour it down the drain and hope for the best. Unfortunately, that's a sure-fire way to get your drains clogged up. Once the hot water cools down, those liquid fats can congeal into a solid form, creating a blockage that could prove difficult to get rid of without a plumber's help.

Instead, you'll want to keep any excess fats or grease in a sealable, disposable container. With this method, you can simply wait for the fat to congeal solid and toss the entire container in the garbage during clean-up. If you have large amounts of old grease (such as old peanut oil from a turkey fry), you should store it in a metal or plastic container that's large enough to handle that amount of grease and take it to your local recycling center after Thanksgiving.

Use Paper Towels to Wipe Away Grease

Wiping down a greasy plate or pan with a typical dishwashing sponge or cloth can be a bit of a hassle. Not only do you have to worry about washing and rinsing the sponge or cloth when you're finished, but you're also sending fats and grease down the drain.

If you need to wipe down a greasy plate or pan, use paper towels instead of your usual dishwashing sponge or cloth. Once you've wiped away the grease, you can toss the paper towel in the trash with no worries.

Consider Using Paper Plates

The good thing about paper plates is that they're directly disposable—all your guests have to do is simply toss them (and your plastic utensils, if you choose to use those too) into the garbage can without a second thought. This way, you won't have to worry about any grease or fat finding its way into your kitchen sink drains.

Keep in mind that most paper plates aren't as strong as their genuine counterparts, which could make dropping your food by accident a bit more common than usual. Then there's the aesthetic element. Using paper plates for a big Thanksgiving feast could be seen as a bit gauche by some. However, it's up to you to decide whether or not to use paper plates.

If you still find yourself with a clogged drain this Thanksgiving, contact a company like Two Men And A Snake for assistance.